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The most important apps in Switzerland

Updated on November 14, 2023

Everyday life for newcomers can be challenging, and often you don't know where to get the right support. In this article, we have compiled the most important apps that will simplify your life in Switzerland.

1. SBB

SBB has several apps that are very useful when you are traveling in Switzerland. The most popular one is the SBB mobile app. With it, you can search for timetables and connections and save your planned trips. Another advantage that the app offers is that you will be notified right away in case of public transport delays or track changes. So you don't have to constantly think about your subscription, you can simply upload and save it on the app. And if you don't have a subscription, you can conveniently buy tickets at any time with just a few clicks.


TWINT is the digital cash of Switzerland and a very popular payment alternative. With TWINT, you can send and receive money quickly and easily, which has also established itself in friend circles. There is even the option to split an amount among several people or request a certain amount from someone. Many merchants also offer it as a payment method in Switzerland. So you can pay for your purchase digitally from your smartphone.

3. iTheorie

With iTheorie you prepare for your theoretical driver's license exam. In this app, you can find all the latest and official questions and pictures and solve simulation exams as a preparation. In case of a wrong answer, you can even call up explanations that will make learning much easier. Thus, this app is super suitable for all novice drivers.

4. Parkingpay

Thanks to Parkingkpay, you can use metered parking of all types and pay automatically at over 750 locations. No ticket is necessary, and usually the same rates apply as with a parking meter. You receive the statements via your Parkingpay account. When you are checked, the inspector scans your license plate number and knows that you have paid, because his inspection device is connected online to Parkingpay's system. Even additional payments, for parking places where it is allowed, are conveniently possible via app.

5. Just eat

Don't feel like or have time to cook? With Just Eat, that's no longer a problem. Just Eat is one of the leading food delivery apps in Switzerland. You have a large selection of different restaurants and dishes and usually get your food delivered within a short time. Thanks to the various filters, you can also quickly find suitable offers.

6. Babbel

Whether you want to make new friends or just buy a little something in a local supermarket - it is advantageous to speak the local language. It's best to start right away with the official language of your canton. Babbel offers easy-to-follow courses that you can take at your own pace.

7. Homegate

Are you looking for a new home or a new tenant for your apartment? Or would you like to start your own company and need a suitable office? On Homegate you will find many properties and can also advertise them yourself. In addition, you will find a very helpful guide and numerous tips about the real estate search.

8. Meteo Schweiz

The Meteo Schweiz app is the best forecast app in Switzerland. It not only offers weather forecasts, but also current readings and the MeteoSwiss blog, where you can learn everything about weather, climate and natural hazard warnings. In addition, you can also get health-related information such as air quality and pollen forecasts.

9. Bergfex/Ski – Wather & Snow

Bergfex is a winter sports app that gives you detailed information on all ski resorts in around 10 countries. Among them, of course, is Switzerland. Want to plan a trip to the mountains, but don't know if there's enough snow, which slopes are open and what the costs are? The Bergfex app tells you all that and more.

10. HYLL

With the help of HYLL, you can discover the most exciting leisure activities that Switzerland has to offer. You'll get suggestions for various activities: including even free tours that you can plan and book right in the app. You particularly liked an excursion and want to share it with others? Then easily share your experience with other users!

11. Autoscout24

AutoScount24 is the leading marketplace for buying and selling cars in Switzerland, with over 150,000 vehicle listings. Whether you want to sell your used car or buy a new one - on Autoscount24, you can do both. You can adjust the search to your needs and wishes and save a lot of time. Here you can find out how to insure your car in Switzerland.

12. 20 Minuten

Read news from all over the world in a short time - You can do that with the most popular news app in Switzerland, 20 Minuten. Thanks to different sections, you can choose topics that interest you and also determine the place from which you want to read news. Additional features such as video or NOW! Provide you with an up-to-date news overview, live broadcasts and exclusive events.

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