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Find a job in Switzerland

Updated on November 14, 2023

Unemployed persons include all those who are registered with the Regional Employment Centres (RAV). Although the unemployment rate increased due to the Corona crisis, the figures are still far below the European average. At the moment, the rate in Switzerland is 2.5 % according to the national definition.

What are the working conditions in Switzerland?

Working hours

Compared to other European countries, people in Switzerland work much longer hours. For employees in industrial companies the maximum working time per week is 40 hours, for other employees 42 - 45 hours.

Holidays and public holidays

The minimum holiday is 25 working days (per Year) for those under 20 and over 50, and 20 days for the rest. Unlike other countries, Switzerland has few non-working holidays. Therefore, Switzerland has a fairly high number of annual working hours.


Switzerland is way ahead in terms of salaries. Recent statistics show that Swiss people earn the best in Europe with an average of CHF 84,621.17 (annually). Wages vary considerably within the different sectors. For example, the highest salaries are in banking, management consulting and pharmaceuticals. The average monthly wage in the pharmaceutical sector is about CHF 9800, while staff in the catering industry earn just CHF 4300. The minimum wage is CHF 4000.

Where can I find a job?

Online job portals

Probably the most common way to look for a job is through online job portals, of which there are more than enough in Switzerland. Submitting applications online is more efficient than sending them by post, for example, and also requires much less time and effort. With various search filters, such as occupation, location or workload, you can optimise your search and find the right job. The portals are free of charge and do not require registration.

The most popular Swiss online job portals include:

  • Jobscout24.ch
  • Indeed.ch
  • Jooble
  • Jobs.ch
  • Yousty.ch

Regional Employment Centre (RAV)

The RAV is a state institution that helps unemployed people find a job. Jobseekers registered with RAV visit the institution about once a month and have appointments they must keep. They are also obliged to

  • do everything reasonable to avoid becoming unemployed
  • to look for a new job (even outside their current profession)
  • provide the RAV with information on their job search at least once a month
  • accept a reasonable job
  • report any changes in their ALE entitlement (e.g. taking up self-employment).

It is recommended that you register with the RAV during the notice period. You can do this online or in person at the RAV.

Facebook groups

Digitalisation has brought many advantages, including Facebook groups, which are very suitable for a job search. Thanks to this feature, you can make new contacts who may have the perfect job for you. It's very simple: search for "Jobs in (location)" on Facebook and find a group near you.


As in many other areas, Expatica has job search services to suit you. On the Expatica website, there is a constantly updated job list offering positions in various sectors across the country. On the Expatica website (link) you will find all the information about the jobs, and you can also apply right away.

What application documents do I need?

Depending on the company and the job, you need to send different documents. Especially with online applications, companies have a lot of leeway and come up with a number of ideas, such as question-and-answer or short introduction videos. In principle, only the following documents are required:

  • Application
  • Letter of motivation
  • Curriculum vitae (plus a good quality application photo)
  • School or work certificates
  • Diplomas/certificates

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