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How the Swiss celebrate Easter

Updated on November 13, 2023

Every year on Easter Sunday, the most important holiday of the Church is celebrated, namely the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In all parts of the world, Easter is a good reason to share hope, confidence and joy with loved ones and create unforgettable moments together.

But every country has different customs and traditions, and so does Switzerland. In this article, we will acquaint you with the most common and popular Swiss traditions during Easter time!

Easter tree making

A small Easter tree, also known as "Osterbäumli" in Switzerland, is a Swiss tradition meant not only for Easter, but also for celebrating the beginning of spring. Basically, you cut branches from a tree, any tree, and put them in a vase. Finally, on the branches you hang decorations such as small Easter eggs or Easter bunnies, which can be found in almost every supermarket during the holidays.

Egg smashing

Egg breaking is one of the funniest Swiss Easter traditions and is practiced by young and old. The object is, as the name suggests, to break the opponent's egg. The winner is the one who has broken the opponent's egg without breaking his own. Basically, this is done on several days, not only on Easter, and usually at home. However, in larger cities, such as Bern, there are even competitions that take place on Easter Sunday.

Egg decoration

In Christianity, the egg is considered a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. As in many other countries, egg decoration is rarely done without in Switzerland. Whether you decorate your Easter eggs with small stickers and plants or paint them with felt pens or Easter egg paint is quite the same. Creativity can be given free rein.

Decorate fountains

A very special tradition, which is especially widespread in Nyon, is the decorating of fountains. Whether school children, companies or clubs - everyone competes for the most beautiful fountain!


Another popular Easter game is the "Zwänzgerle", which takes place on Easter Monday. The difference is that only one egg is needed for this instead of two. In this tradition, it is usually the adults who try to break their children's eggs with a coin. Once the coin cracks the egg shell and is inside the egg, the egg belongs to the adult. If the adult does not crack the egg, the child claims the coin.

Easter brunch

An Easter brunch with loved ones is very popular in Switzerland. Some spend it at home or with relatives, others treat themselves to a relaxing weekend in a hotel or a delicious brunch in a restaurant. In addition to the multitude of colorful eggs, many baked goods and sweets are also eaten. Not to forget the colorful and eye-catching Easter decorations!

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