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Find friends in Switzerland

Updated on May 21, 2024

Swiss people are very cautious about meeting new people. They usually stick to their circle of friends from school days or meet new people in their job. They tend to be reserved and therefore need some time to warm up to newcomers.

Here are five valuable tips for making new friends in Switzerland:

Become a member of a hobby club

Most Swiss people are very close to nature and enjoy doing things outdoors. Around 42% of adults are active members of several clubs. Thus, there are numerous hobby clubs for different types of hobbies such as sports, handicrafts, painting, reading. Since they often have their own Facebook pages as well, it's worth taking a look there. You can become a member by writing to the page or joining the respective Facebook group. Depending on the club, membership fees may then be charged for participation, of course. 

Hobby clubs also often organize social events, so there's definitely a great chance to meet new people and make friends.

Get to know your work colleagues better

If your work colleagues have a habit of going out for drinks after work hours, join them! Often, it's only at private meetings that you discover what you have in common, because that's also where the professionalism of the workplace falls away, which Swiss people take seriously. Moreover, since they like to take their time to get to know people, it is better to talk about current topics or interests at the beginning rather than about personal matters. As is well known, many couples get to know each other at work.

Learn more about Switzerland

Many people know that Switzerland is a wealthy country and that chocolate, cheese and watches are among its specialties. But do you really want to impress Swiss people? Then learn more about the impressive history and about the interesting traditions that the Swiss are very proud of. For your convenience, we've put together a few articles that will help you learn more about the Swiss way of life.

Make friends online

Be it on social media or online forums, there are many options.Join various Facebook groups or online communities that focus on your interests. There are also a variety of Facebook pages specifically for expats in Switzerland, such as Zurich Expats, and online forums like Hello Switzerland or English Forum Switzerland.

Visit bars, pubs and clubs

Good music, a pleasant atmosphere and good-humored people - that's where you like to meet new friends! Approaching people while partying usually turns out positively, because when you're partying, you're in a relaxed mood and open to conversation.

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