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What do Swiss people do in their free time?

Updated on November 14, 2023

It's no secret that the Swiss work a lot - but what do they actually do on their days off or after work? Find out in this article which are the most popular Swiss hobby`s.


Switzerland has a unique nature that is worth admiring. And it will be! About 95 % of all Swiss people spend their free time in nature and enjoy discovering new things. In Switzerland there are numerous hiking routes with beautiful views of mountains and valleys, large lakes and wide meadows.

Village and club festivals / larger traditional festivals

Swiss people like to get together and celebrate smaller as well as bigger festivals. At these festivals, visitors enjoy delicious dishes and snacks, have fun to the music and toast together. These events usually take place on weekends and are attended by many people, especially in the summer. Traditional festivals such as carnival or August 1 are also very popular. Seven out of ten people are also drawn to large events.

Meeting friends and family

Another very popular activity is keeping in touch with family and friends. Whether it's just a visit to the house or a big outing, as a couple or in a group - Swiss people like to spend time with their loved ones.

Playing sports and attending sporting events

Swiss people are very fond of sports. In winter, they like to take the opportunity to explore the fascinating Swiss mountains and engage in sports such as skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing. Sports are also high on the list during other seasons. Especially cycling, swimming, playing soccer and jogging are very popular in Switzerland.

Zoo visits

A trip to the zoo together is especially popular with families with young children and is a regular occurrence. And even if you don't want to visit an ordinary zoo, you will find interesting offers in Switzerland. This is because there are various zoos that specialize in particular topics, such as the Aquatius Aquarium-Vivarium in Lausanne. It is the largest freshwater aquarium and vivarium in Europe and is suitable for all ages. 

Botanical Gardens

45 % of the Swiss population enjoy spending their free time in botanical gardens and have fun discovering new plants and animals. The botanical gardens in Zurich, Bern and Basel are among the most popular in the country.


In addition to outdoor activities, Swiss people also like to visit clubs. 40 % of Swiss people like to go out partying on Friday or Saturday nights and have fun with friends to good music and drinks.


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