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Do you know which kind of coverage suits your car?

Updated on November 28, 2023

If you are living in Switzerland, owning a vehicle can be very helpful. Even though the Swiss public transport is quite famous for being punctual and has a very compact timetable, being in possession of a vehicle offers a lot of advantages. Especially if you don’t live directly in the city, a car or bike allows you to be much more flexible and save your time, since public service vehicles drive many detours and often stop.

To register your car or bike in Switzerland, you are obliged to conclude a vehicle insurance. In this insurance, there are several modules:

  1. Liability insurance covers damage that you as a driver might cause to other road users, as well as to animals or property. Normally, there is a deductible of CHF 0.- for everyone older than 25 and CHF 1000.- for drivers under 26. The deductibles can be changed for an extra fee.
  2. Partial accidental damage insurance covers the financial consequences of damage that could occur to your own vehicle. This includes coverage in case of glass breakage, malicious damage, natural forces (ex. hail), theft of your car or fire. Furthermore, you can also include a coverage for your transported belongings. For this module, you have to choose a deductible, which is usually CHF 0.-.
  3. Collision insurance insures you against damage to your car due to a collision caused by you while moving a car. Normally there is a deductible of CHF 1000.- which can be reduced for an extra fee.
  4. Parking damage insurance is a coverage for any damages on the parked car. There’s normally no deductible on this part of insurance, but there could be a limitation of the yearly cases.
  5. Breaking down insurance covers your car in case you need a road assistance. A replacement car can be included for an extra fee. Usually there’s no deductible on this part of coverage.
  6. Accident insurance for passengers covers the driver and the passengers against disability and death with an extra lump sum capital.

The liability coverage is the mandatory part of the car insurance in case of owning the car. If the car is leased, the vehicle insurance has to include the full casco coverage (liability + partial accidental damage + collision).

After the decision of the modules included, there is also the question of which insurer to choose. Since there are many different insurance companies in Switzerland offering vehicle insurances, it is advisable to work with an insurance consultant who can compare several offers for you and also knows which insurer might meet your personal needs best.

Would you like to import your car or do you need a vehicle insurance in Switzerland? We would be happy to explain you everything in detail and find the perfect coverage for you.

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