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Splitting health insurance: Great for expats in Switzerland

Updated on June 24, 2024

Rising healthcare costs are a growing concern for many, but particularly for expats in Switzerland. The average premium hike was a staggering 9% in 2024, with further increases expected in the coming years. Newcomers to Switzerland can now minimize their costs and still receive the best coverage for their individual needs, by “splitting” their health insurance. Expat Services Switzerland is here to show you how.

Splitting health insurance is the act of dividing your coverage between different providers. This way, you have your basic insurance with one provider and your supplementary insurance with another. Here’s why this is especially beneficial for expats in Switzerland.  

The benefits of splitting health insurance for expats

  • Optimizing insurance premiums: Since basic health insurance the same across all providers in Switzerland, expats can compare and choose the most affordable option. This strategic selection will allow you to minimize costs without compromising on the quality of coverage.
  • Tailored supplementary insurance: Splitting your insurance gives you the freedom to choose supplementary insurance that precisely meets your personal needs, for additional protection at a fair price. This flexibility lets you access the most attractive offers across the insurance industry, rather than being restricted to a single provider.
  • Premium stability: Basic insurance premiums are increasing due to inflation and rising healthcare costs, but supplementary insurance costs tend to remain more stable. This stability is especially beneficial for expats who are new to the Swiss health care system.
  • Flexibility in premium increases: If your basic insurance provider raises prices, splitting your insurance allows you to switch to a more affordable provider for basic coverage while maintaining your supplementary insurance. This flexibility helps optimize your overall expenses.
  • Budgeting monthly expenses: Once you’re all set, your wallet will thank you for optimizing your health insurance. Remember that while inflation in Switzerland has been within reason, prices are still going up across all industries. Budgeting your monthly expenses will allow you to enjoy your new life in Switzerland to the fullest, while still receiving optimal coverage.

Convinced yet? If you’re new in Switzerland, our seasons insurance consultants will find you the best health coverage and also handle the necessary paperwork for you.

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What is the administrative effort of splitting health insurance?

For expats concerned about having two different insurance providers: Don’t worry! The process is simpler than it appears. When admitted to a hospital, you just need to inform the staff about your insurers. The hospital handles the administrative tasks, including cost approvals and invoicing. As a patient, you will receive separate invoices from each insurer, streamlining the process.

Even if you switch your basic insurance provider, your supplementary insurance remains unchanged, providing continuity in your coverage.

Reimbursement process for medical costs with separate health insurances

Expats with basic and supplementary insurance from different providers should follow these steps to ensure smooth reimbursement of healthcare costs:

  1. Create backup copies: Before submitting your documents, make sure to create backup copies.
  2. Submit medical invoices: Send your medical invoices to the health insurance company handling your basic insurance. Specify that you have supplementary insurance with another provider. They will process the documents and send you an invoice. Many insurers offer digital solutions, such as apps or online portals, for handling reimbursements. A picture or scan of the invoice is often sufficient.
  3. Send to supplementary provider: After receiving the invoice from your basic insurance, forward it along with a copy of the original medical invoice to your supplementary insurance provider.
  4. Handle original invoices: If you receive two original invoices, forward each one to the respective health insurer.

How to start splitting your health insurance

For expats in Switzerland, the last quarter of the year is an ideal time to switch health insurance providers and benefit from splitting. Expat Services Switzerland offers personal assistance and tailored insurance solutions to meet your unique needs.

To kick-start the splitting process, explore the best healthcare options with our expert guidance. Contact us now for personalized support in navigating Switzerland's health insurance system.

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