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How do I change my health insurance?

Updated on November 13, 2023

As the fall and winter seasons approach, it's a reminder for many to think about switching health insurance providers. The focus is on health insurance benefits and offerings. You are not satisfied with your health insurance and are considering switching to another insurance company? In this article you will find all the important information about changing your health insurance.

When does it make sense to change my health insurance?

1. End of the year

Most people do not consider changing health insurance companies until the end of the year, as this is when the premiums for the next year are announced by the Federal Office of Public Health. Your new premium will be communicated to you in writing by your health insurance company by the end of October at the latest.

2. Premium increase

It often happens that premiums are increased and therefore customers look for health insurance companies that offer the same scope of services at lower premiums.

3. Coverage

Both your life situation and your needs are always changing, so it makes sense to regularly check if you are still completely satisfied with your existing coverage. Sometimes certain benefits are no longer needed, so it's worth adjusting your existing coverage. Since the offers and scope of benefits of the individual supplementary insurances also change again and again, it is worth comparing the latest offers of the various providers with your own policy from time to time. It also makes sense to change health insurers if too few benefits are covered for you, and you are better protected with another company.

How do I cancel my current health insurance, and what are the deadlines?

Depending on whether you have basic or supplementary insurance, different deadlines and conditions apply. 

Basic insurance

Every person must be included in the basic insurance, as it is mandatory for all persons residing in Switzerland. To change your basic insurance, you must send your old health insurance company a written notice of cancellation (by registered mail) by November 30, or by the last working day in November. The notice period is 1 month. Adjustments in the basic insurance (such as deductible rate or insurance model) are also possible during the year. 

Supplementary insurance

Supplementary insurance supplements the insurance coverage of the mandatory basic insurance. In contrast to the basic insurance, this insurance can be declined for health reasons. Customers can decide for themselves whether they want to take out a 1- or 3-year contract. The cancellation period is 3 (sometimes 6) months and the cancellation letter must be received by your health insurance company by September 30 at the latest.

Important: Do not cancel your old supplementary insurance policies until you have received confirmation from the new insurance company. Otherwise, there is a risk that you will end up without supplementary insurance if you are rejected by the new insurance company. 

When is my insurance officially terminated?
Your insurance policy with your previous health insurance company will only be terminated when the new health insurance company notifies the previous one that you are insured with them without interruption of insurance coverage. It is also important to note that if you have any debts with your previous health insurance company, you must settle them by the end of the year, otherwise you will not be able to switch, even if the termination would be on time. This concerns the following costs:

  • Debt collection costs
  • Premiums
  • Cost sharing or interest on arrears that have been reminded by November 30, 2021.

So there are many things to consider when switching health insurance companies. In order to obtain the best offers and ensure a smooth transition, it is therefore worth taking advantage of competent support and advice. We will be happy to clarify all your questions and take care of your concerns. Contact us now!

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