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How to manage your retirement in Switzerland

Updated on November 28, 2023

Switzerland is well known for its extensive solidarity which affects many areas of life such as retirement. For the personal retirement strategy and family well-being, the Swiss government decided to build a three-pillar system.

The first pillar is compulsory for everyone working in Switzerland and consists, among other social insurances, of the Old-age and survivor’s insurance (OASI) as well as the Disability Insurance (DI). They cover subsistence needs in old age or the event of a death and aim to ensure the livelihoods of those who suffer from disability.

The second pillar is called the occupational pension fund and is mandatory for everyone who is employed for more than three months and earns at least CHF 21’510 a year. Also, this pillar includes a saving plan, as also an insurance against disability and death.

Within the third pillar, also referred to as private pension, residents in Switzerland can voluntarily save money for their retirement and additionally build an insurance solution in case of disability and death. The third pillar enables you to close any gaps in order to maintain your accustomed standard of living throughout your retirement. Besides this, the private pension offers a lot of benefits:

  1. The amount you save is chosen at your will and currently limited to CHF 6’826 for employees or CHF 34’126 for individual entrepreneurs
  2. The third pillar is tax-deductible and therefore allows you to save taxes to the extent of up to CHF 3’000 a year, depending on canton of living
  3. It includes a disability and life insurance as well as premium waiver in case of disability
  4. The third pillar is an investment with the optimal interest (on average around 4% for the last twenty years)

Do you want to maintain your living standard and enjoy your retirement in Switzerland or elsewhere to the fullest, despite the high cost of living? We can help you to create your individual retirement plan and build your own strategy for a carefree and unburdened future. Contact us now for a personal consultation.

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