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How to import your car

Updated on November 28, 2023

If you are thinking about moving to Switzerland with your car, you must be ready to undergo some formalities. First, the vehicle must be checked and imported, plus you must get car insurance. The car should also be re-registered under Switzerland’s regulations within one year after moving. If you have owned your vehicle for less than six months, you must pay import duty, but the car is duty-free if you owned it for more than six months.

How to proceed

First, your global relocation service provider must include your car with personal effects declaration and provide you with a customs forms used for importation. The documents that you need are:

  • Swiss ID
  • Expert report 13.20A
  • Customs authorisation 18.44 (you can get this from customs or your moving company if the car is part of your household goods)
  • The car’s license/registration card from abroad (sometimes translated)
  • Proof of insurance
  • COC (certificate of conformity) in case the car was not on your name longer than 6 months. Otherwise, you do not have to bring this document

How much does it cost?

If you owned the car for more than six months:

  • One time: Custom Duties: depending on the weight of your car
  • A fee for the car expertise given by the customs authority
  • Cost of exchanging your plates and new car document


  • Swiss road tax depending on the car’s engine capacity and the canton of residence
  • Autobahn vignette (CHF 40.- per year)
  • Mandatory third-party car insurance from insurances Switzerland providers. In case your car will be leased, a full casco insurance is mandatory

If you owned the car less then 6 months before moving:

  • Additional onetime payment: VAT: 7.7% (2020) of the value of the car
  • Consumption automobile tax: 4% of the value of the car

Acquiring a Driver’s License

Each expat who moves to Switzerland with their car has 365 days from the date of registration to acquire a Swiss driver’s license. You must undergo a test drive and eye test if you are from a country that is not a member of the European Union, EFTA or exempted countries.

Do you think about taking your own car to Switzerland from abroad? We would be happy to explain you everything you need to know and to support you with the whole procedure. Contact us now for a personal consultation.

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