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Going out during Corona-Time

Updated on January 20, 2022

Meetings and parties

Want to host a private meeting or party and spend time with family and friends? These are the measures:

Indoors: Maximum of 30 people - if everyone is vaccinated or recovered.

If there is one person who is neither vaccinated nor recovered and is older than 16, the number will be limited to 10 people.

Outdoors: Maximum of 50 people

Private events in public facilities: Events of this type are subject to the rules of the specific facility.

Indoor events

Indoors: For indoor events, access is restricted. The following applies: access from 16 years of age to persons who are vaccinated or recovered (2G).

Exempt from Covid certification requirements are:

  • Blood drives
  • Religious celebrations
  • Funerals
  • Events within the scope of the usual activities and services of public authorities
  • Events for the formation of political opinion
  • Self-help groups with up to 50 persons

For these events, it is mandatory to collect contact data. In addition, masks are compulsory and consumption is prohibited.

In principle, masks are compulsory for all events. Where masks and seating cannot be worn, the 2G+ rule applies. This means that only vaccinated and recovered persons who can show an additional negative test are admitted.

Outdoor events

Here, access from the age of 16 is restricted to persons who are vaccinated, recovered or tested (3G). Event organizers may voluntarily restrict access to 2G or 2G+.

However, access restriction can be waived if a maximum of 300 people are admitted and the visitors do not dance.

Trade and public fairs

If the fair is not held exclusively outdoors, access from the age of 16 is restricted to vaccinated and recovered persons.

In addition, the organizers must develop a valid protection concept and implement it at the fair. If the number of visitors exceeds 1,000 people per day, a permit must further be obtained from the canton.

Even at these events, the organizers can voluntarily restrict access to 2G or 2G+.

Cultural, sports and leisure facilities

Access to all cultural, sports and leisure facilities is also only permitted for persons aged 16 and over with a valid Covid certificate. This includes concerts, cinemas, museums, theaters, libraries, fitness centers, indoor swimming pools and zoos.

Restaurants, bars and clubs

Access to indoor areas of restaurant, bar, and club establishments where consumption occurs on site must be limited to persons 16 years of age or older who are vaccinated or recovered.

2G Access

Guests may only remove their mask at the table and may only consume while seated.

2G+ Access

Seating and mask requirements are waived.

Outdoor area

Operators are free to decide whether or not to restrict access. If they decide not to restrict access, guests must comply with the distance rules of 1.5 meters.

Discotheques and dance halls

For discotheques and dance clubs, the 2G+ regulation applies. In addition, contact information must be collected.


We hope you have a good time and stay healthy despite the extraordinary situation!

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