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FAQ: COVID-19 vaccination in Switzerland

Updated on May 25, 2021

In every part of the world corona vaccination is one of the most discussed topics. We tried to answer the most asked questions to bring some clarity for everyone.

Is vaccination in Switzerland mandatory?

No, vaccinations are voluntary in Switzerland. There are no plans for compulsory vaccination.

What are the goals of vaccination?

  • Reduce the number of severe cases of the disease and the number of deaths.
  • Reduce the negative health, psychological, social, and economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

How does vaccination work?

The vaccine enables the body to produce immune responses targeted specifically against the virus so that it is equipped to combat the virus – and thus avoid the disease – on subsequent exposure. It acts on the immune system in the same way as the virus, but without causing the disease. Here you can find more information: Vaccination - Protect yourself and others (foph-coronavirus.ch)

Is there more than one vaccine?

Yes, there are several vaccines. The Swiss Government has made contracts with the following providers: AstraZeneca (GB), Pfizer/BioNTech (DE), Moderna (US) and Curevac (DE/SWE). Here you can find more information about the effect of the vaccines: How does vaccination work? - Protect yourself and others (foph-coronavirus.ch)

Who is covering my vaccination costs?

The costs of a COVID-19 vaccination are covered by mandatory health insurance. The vaccination is free of charge for people with mandatory health insurance in Switzerland. You do not have to pay any deductible or co-payment.

What is the COVID-Certificate?

A project is currently under way looking at implementation of a standardised, forgery-proof and internationally recognised COVID certificate. The project aims to allow people who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered from COVID-19 and those who have tested negative to apply for a forgery-proof certificate. The question of which restrictions may in future be eased with the COVID certificate is under discussion.

Why is it taking so long to vaccinate the population?

Vaccine doses will be delivered to Switzerland in batches. People who are at especially high risk are to be vaccinated first. 

How can I get a vaccination appointment?

The vaccination process is regulated by the cantons. This means you have to inform yourself on the website of the canton you live in. On the websites you can also find information regarding who can register for an appointment. Until now, there hasn’t been approved any vaccination for children under the age of 12. When can I be vaccinated? - Protect yourself and others (foph-coronavirus.ch)

Before you get your vaccination date, please inform yourself about the conditions and the regulations of the canton.

Vaccination in Aargau: Register
Vaccination in Appenzell: Register
Vaccination in Basel: Basel-Land Register, Basel-Stadt Register
Vaccination in Bern: Register
Vaccination in Freiburg: Register
Vaccination in Genf: Register
Vaccination in Glarus: Register
Vaccination in Graubünden: Register
Vaccination in Jura: Register
Vaccination in Luzern: Register
Vaccination in Neuenburg: Register
Vaccination in Nidwalden: Register
Vaccination in Obwalden: Register
Vaccination in St. Gallen: Register
Vaccination in Schaffhausen: Register
Vaccination in Schwyz: Register
Vaccination in Solothurn: Register
Vaccination in Thurgau: Register
Vaccination in Tessin: Register
Vaccination in Uri: Register
Vaccination in Wallis: Register
Vaccination in Waadt: Register
Vaccination in Zug: Register
Vaccination in Zürich: Register

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